Cummings DBH Program Receives FUll NIBHQ Accreditation

The Nicholas A. Cummings Doctor of Behavioral Health Program, has received full accreditation after meeting NIBHQ's criteria for doctoral programs. Prior to receiving its full accreditation status, the DBH Program was provisionally accredited by NIBHQ. NIBHQ has worked closely with the school and program administrators ensuring that the NIBHQ standards were met. NIBHQ determined that the innovative DBH Program far exceeded our criteria and the accreditation committee recommended that the program receive full accreditation for the five year period January 1, 2013 through December 31, 2017. For information on the program, visit The Nicholas A. Cummings Doctor of Behavioral Health Program

NIBHQ Introduces A Model Prescribing Legislation Bill

NIBHQ endorses and advocates for model legislation for prescribing psychotropic medications.
In order to ensure quality care for patients, NIBHQ believes that there must be standards
when patients are prescribed these medications. Due to the high incidence of over-prescribing
of these medications for conditions and symptoms that a patient may not even have, it is
important to incorporate standards into prescribing practices so that patients can be protected
against risk and harm. Moreover, drug company sponsored research underlying the effectiveness of many of these medications is highly suspect. Read the full text of the model legislation HERE

The Value Of NIBHQ Program Accreditation

Professionally, accreditation represents a process of voluntary
review of professional training programs in behavioral health
care. As such, voluntary application for accreditation demonstrates
an attitude and philosophy that excellence and quality is an
important goal of a program. Specialized accreditation, which
NIBHQ offers, is awarded to professional programs that are under
the jurisdiction of institutions, such as a university or college,
or to free-standing, professional schools offering post graduate
training in behavioral health care practice, such as clinical
psychology, social work, counseling, or other programs in
behavioral health care. Read the complete statement Here

NIBHQ Accreditation Brings Prestige To Your Practice

Accreditation can provide your practice with prestige and lets
everyone know that the way you practice conforms to the highest
quality in behavioral health care. Find out about the benefits of
practice accreditation and how to get your practice accredited by

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